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Комплект для заправки и диагностики систем охлаждения KS-Tools арт. 1502070

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Арт: 1502070
Бренд: KS-Tools (Германия)

Комплект для заправки и диагностики систем охлаждения


    Гарантия 12 мес.

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+7 (495) 545-44-68


Innovative and universal equipment for pressure testing cooling
systems on all types of vehicles, omitting air locks.
- By creating a vacuum within the cooling system
new coolant is drawn in which eliminates the formation of
bubbles and guarantees an airfree system.
- Cleaning the coolant system is not necessary
- During vacuum generation, a leak check is also performed.

Note: Complete removal of old cooling fluid is necessary!

1 x Refill gun with vacuum gauge up to max -30 PSI / -1 Bar
- Air pressure min 550 kPa - max 690 kPa
- Air consumption: max 180 l/min at 690 kPa
- Vacuum 0.85 Bar at 690 kPa
- Fits universally due to conical shape rubber stopper
- Vacuum created with compressed air by u201eVenturiu201c- effect
1 x Coolant hose 1.5 m
1 x Compressed air connector 1/4u201c
1 x Spare rubber stopper


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